Start A Twitter Conversation

by My Web Writers

Have you ever been on Twitter and wondered how you could make your experience more meaningful? Well, have I got some great tips for you on how you can accomplish this!

  • Message Button–Use the message button to chat with someone in private.
  • Search Bar–Search for others that are talking about relevant topics by typing keywords into the search bar. Doing this type of search will give you streams of people that are Tweeting about those keywords. Choose one (or several) to start chatting with from here!
  • Hashtags–Placing hashtags in front of words in a Tweet make those words keywords. When others search for those keywords, it makes your Tweet where those keywords were used stand out and come up in the que.
  • Engage Others–Posting Tweets is great but don’t make them all business or product related. Engage others that you find may benefit from your products without pushing them. Use the  @ symbol followed by the person’s username to converse specifically with that person. Yes, the Tweet will post on your stream but will also be sent to that person’s stream and get a conversation started.

Starting a conversation on Twitter is easy. Practice first with some friends, people you know, or with My Web Writers by following us on Twitter @MyWebWriters before branching out to other businesses.



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