How to Write a Blog Article

By My Web Writers

Do you know anyone who blogs? Maybe it would be easier to count the people in your life who don’t blog. Most people blog these days- kids, teenagers, grandparents, athletes, pastors, etc. etc. Blogging has become so huge that major corporations as well as small businesses are using it as an effective marketing tool. The key to writing those types of blogs is SEO- Search Engine Optimization. Get that blog to shoot straight to the top… of search results!

Know Your Content

If you don’t know what you’re talking about, it will shine through. You should be close to an expert on your subject. Otherwise, what good will your blog article for SEO do for the company? Interview experts and research the subject matter.  Then, research some more.

Provide Entertaining Copy

Face it- people want to be entertained. Whether they are learning something, having fun, or in search of knowledge, they want to be entertained. Make sure your blog has pizazz and flare while still being professional. Consider your target audience and what would entertain that group. Sure the key in writing a blog article for SEO is to inform people, but it will do even better if it also entertains.

Synonyms are Your SEO Friend

Say you are writing a blog about spending wisely at Disney World. Sure the words “Disney World” should appear throughout your blog, but shake things up a bit. Call it, “The Magic Kingdom” or “The Happiest Place on Earth.” Instead of always saying “spending,” use the word “budgeting” or “cost-saving.” While your main SEO words will take you straight to the top, you can’t bore your reader with the same phrases over and over again.

A Picture is Worth

…you know how to finish the saying.  Adding pictures to your blog article with text optimized for search will help increase traffic. No one wants to just read a bunch of words on a screen. Adding pictures and video will make your blog article more enjoyable.

If you find it all too overwhelming or simply need some guidance, hire professional, content writers who understand today’s SEO practices.



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