Niche Blogs with Quality Content

by My Web Writers

From tech talk to celeb gossip to political pundits, there is an audience for almost anything on the Web, and that’s good news for niche bloggers. But in recent years, so many bloggers have hit cyberspace with their specialty knowledge and interests that it can be difficult to find quality content. And like anything else on the web, content and utility are key. So we’ve gone surfing to find some hidden and not-so-hidden gems in the blogging world. Here are the niche bloggers who have captured our interest and keep us coming back for more.

Desserts for Breakfast

While dessert for breakfast may sound more like a child’s dream than a grown-up reality, blogger Stephanie S. manages to strike a balance with recipes that are both elegant and indulgent. Each post pairs a decadent breakfast recipe with an array of stunning images of the finished product and effectively showcases Stephanie’s talents as a food and travel photographer. Salt roasted pears with cajeta, Concord grape sorbet, apple cider doughnuts, and lemon fritter-sticks and nutmeg pudding are just a few of the treasures on this site. If you don’t like to cook, Desserts for Breakfast is worth a visit simply to enjoy the artwork, though not a site to view on an empty stomach. You might get hungry.

Cool Hunting

This trend-tracking blog looks at the latest in technology, fashion, travel, food and culture. It is described as a place for creative minds to splurge on inspiration. But it has definitely become the spot to get a jump on what’s in and what’s not. What the site does well is generate current content using eclectic forms to showcase the products along with vibrant graphics. One recent post interviews Garrett Colton, the owner of the store St&ndard Goods in LA, while another reviews moleskin luggage tags ($10) and the Oaxacan duffle bag ($495). Part of the draw is that you never know what will show up, but it is predominately high-end items. With this wide variety of ideas explored, organization is key. Older blogs have been archived and users can easily search past posts from the highly organized menu bar. This site also earns stars for its integration of media, specifically the mini-documentaries posted weekly.

Marketing to Women Online

Holly Buchanan is generating useful content for online marketers targeting a female audience. Buchanan’s posts explore female communities that are under or misrepresented in online marketing. She offers food for thought about groups of women with buying power that are often overlooked. Likewise, the posts consider problems with current advertising practices. Her post, “Women Mock American Apparel ‘Plus-Size’ Campaign”, is a tutorial in what not to do when marketing to plus-size women. Her own insight is enhanced with media links and sources. This kind of thoughtful and confident material provides a good platform to market her book and consulting services.

 A Hamburger Today

After a quick perusal of the A Hamburger Today blog spot, visitors will find that the hamburger has far exceeded its station as the crowning glory of the fast food world. To the novice, the blog is an educational source bringing readers up to speed on important terminology and categorization in the burger world. A more seasoned visitor will have not trouble identifying various regional burgers, distinguishing the slider from the mini burger and so on. They may use the blog as a resource for recipes instead. For those in the know, this site offers reviews on new menu items in restaurants across the country, discusses grilling styles, and even provides a forum for discussion. Needless to say, the content is solid and generates interest from advertisers.

These are the blogs we’re buzzing about, but we’re on the lookout for more, so feel free to share your favorites with us.  Of course, if you’re in need of an article writing service for your blog,  we can help.




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3 responses to “Niche Blogs with Quality Content

  1. uxzeal

    Good article.. Keep posting such articles

  2. ambreen11

    Producing quality content for your blog is essential. Content is king. The quality of your blog’s content, whether it’s an article, a video or a podcast interview, eventually determines your success as a blogger. Thanks

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