How to Write a Press Release

By My Web Writers

While distribution methods have changed over the years, the most important aspect of mass producing your message remains the same- provide engaging content in your press releases. Remember these press release writing tips:

Write a Headline that Pops

When a news reporter picks up a press release from the fax machine or email inbox, he or she can be quick to dismiss it if the headline isn’t relevant or interesting. Make sure your headline gets to the point but also engages the reader.

Press Release Writing Basics

A typical press release does not include fancy adjectives or fluff. Your job is to present the basic facts to the media so it can take the information, build on it, and then present it to the public. What is the reason for the press release? Include the essentials up front.  Don’t bury important information. One way to make sure all bases are covered is to remember the Five W’s and the H:

Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How in Press Releases

If your press release covers those six questions, you have likely covered the most important information that the media needs.  When in doubt about what to include in your press releases, consult a marketing writer to write or edit your content.

Check Over Your Press Release

As a representative of an organization, you want to appear professional. It’s imperative that the press release be accurate and free of grammar and spelling errors. Sometimes press releases have to be written very quickly in order to get the information to the media as soon as possible, but be professional and accurate.

Include Press Contact Information

The media will almost always want more information. It’s the job of the media to ask additional questions. Make sure they know where to go to ask those questions. Should they call you? Do they need to contact someone else? Make it obvious who needs to be contacted for additional information. If you don’t, your inbox will be flooded with requests for that extra info.

Finish up with an Industry Standard

Professional press releases end with three pound signs (###). These signs tell the reader that he or she has reached the end of the press release.




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