The CEO’s Guide to Marketing Content Solutions

by My Web Writers

How many times in the past year did you hear, “You have to be on (insert the latest, greatest online platform) today before you get left behind?” I’m willing to bet a tweet and an angry bird the answer is, “Too many.”

The problem with most marketing content discussions: They are about the instrument and not about the content. Before we decide how we are going communicate, we need to know why & what we’re communicating. I know it’s a blinding flash of the obvious, but it’s missed by many who want your time. Let’s explore the key questions to ask when creating a marketing content solutions strategy.

1) Who’s In Charge?

Your marketing content is a key asset and your marketing team’s most important responsibility.  As the CEO, make clear to everyone who’s in charge of the messaging. Then reinforce it. Otherwise, you’ll have too many cooks and the message will end up diluted, confusing and ineffective.

2) Why Are We Communicating?

CEO’s rely on marketing content solutions for getting, growing or keeping customers. It’s that simple, and yet that complete.

3) What Are We Communicating?

Define the message(s) for each reason. Each one must have a primary focus to connect with your intended audience.

4) How Are We Communicating?

This isn’t just online marketing exercise. To be effective, your marketing content strategy must be consistent across all your media. For example: broadcast, print, websites, social media, email, in-store, direct mail, customer care, billing statements and training material are just some of the choices to be considered. Not every message will be used in all media, but it must be complimentary across the channels.

5) Who’s Creating Your Marketing Content?

When it’s time to create, ensure your writers are skilled at writing effective copy for the particular medium and message. It’s key for online marketing content because of the search engines’ emphasis on fresh, relevant information. A freelance writing team that’s proven at writing engaging, custom marketing content for multiple media can be a cost-effective member of your team.

Your answers to these five questions provide the beginning foundation of a strong marketing content solution for your company.



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