Why Content Works- 5 Stellar Websites

by My Web Writers

The key to getting consistent and frequent traffic to your website is having content that people want to read. Whether you provide must-know information or fun, engaging reading, readers are more likely to return to your site again and again if your content keeps them interested. Writing stellar content requires a clear subject matter, creativity, and passion for your topic, as these five outstanding websites clearly demonstrate.

Summer Tomato

Created by Dr. Darya Pino, a San Fancisco scientist, and focused on seasonal foods and healthy living, Summer Tomato offers readers practical tips to upgrade their diets. Not only does Summer Tomato feature regular posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning, the site is divided into clear categories across an attractive top menu bar. Readers can easily navigate from basic healthy eating to food and health news, posts about the market, science, recipes, or random information. Summer Tomato’s posts range from seasonal, topical posts (for example, how to make desserts count at the holidays) to practical ideas about how to lose weight (10 Simple Ways to Lose Weight Without Noticing).  In one tongue-in-cheek post, Pino warns readers of 10 People You Can’t Trust For Diet Advice. What makes Summer Tomato’s content work so well is the way it balances popular food topics with a no-nonsense yet engaging tone. Further, the Friday morning round up of the best food related articles each week keeps Summer Tomato engaged with other writers dealing with similar topics.


LearnVest has been sweeping the news as a significant resource for people trying to make sense of their personal finances. The site balances content, tools, and personalized support, offering both free and by-subscription options. At LearnVest, those who cannot afford personal financial planners can access tips from the experts, including sections devoted especially to daily life, moms, and the market. The biggest draw is the Bootcamp program, which guides subscribers through specific financial issues. What makes LearnVest stellar is the clear organization of the site and the engagement with a practical, predominant issue. Readers who are interested in fixing their finances usually have serious reasons for doing so. The tone and design of LearnVest treats subscribers as serious individuals who just need connected to the resources to get them to financial freedom. This is no “Finances for Dummies.” LearnVest takes both readers and the issues seriously, but simplifies problems so that you don’t need a finance degree to follow.

The Consumerist

While LearnVest teaches readers how to manage their money, The Consumerist helps them avoid wasting it. The blog, where “shoppers bite back,” provides a mixture of consumer reports, shopping tips, and reader anecdotes, creating a reading experience that is at times both fun and infuriating. While commiserating with people who have been burned by terrible customer service, visitors can also garner expert tips such as what kids teach you about money or businesses you can start for under $100. Then there’s the odd story such as 10 of the Strangest Unclaimed Airline Baggage Items Ever Found. The Consumerist works so well because of its practical content and simple design. Plus, it creates a community of consumers by allowing readers to submit their own tips or horror stories.

 Big Think

Big Think is a nerd’s paradise. The site houses no fewer than fifty separate blogs on topics ranging from marriage to “future crime” or news “not to think about” and “How to Think Like Shakespeare”. For people who procrastinate by reading Wikipedia on random, Big Think takes for-fun educational reading to a new level. The content is provided by a large range of experts who take complex issues in current events, science, history, the environment, and more and write about them in a humor-infused manner that non-experts can understand and enjoy. Big Think is stellar because if you’re not a genius, the content of this site will make you feel like one.

 Zen Habits

Zen Habits is like an oasis amid a cluttered computer. The internet has become our tool for so much of our work, shopping, entertainment, socializing, banking, and so on. Amidst all that, Zen Habits stands out for its total simplicity. The unfussy black, white, and shades of blue design with minimal links or images reflects the blog content. The site provides short and sweet posts about fostering a healthier lifestyle through positive thinking and simplification. With posts ranging from a philosophy against over-emphasizing productivity (The Tao of Productivity) to The Best Procrastination Tip Ever or How to Be a Positive Person in Under 300 Words, Zen Habits’ content is so appealing because it runs so counter to what most sites offer. It’s like taking a deep breath.



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