My Web Writers’ Most Popular 2011 Content Topics and Articles

by My Web Writers

When we, at My Web Writers, hunch over our keyboards smithing words – wistfully pausing now and then to glance out windows, we’re envisioning you. We imagine that you’re very dapper, intelligent, and curious.  You’re on the prowl to learn more about the world of content, SEO, social media, and marketing.  We’re on target, aren’t we?  (Ah, a sucker for compliments, too!)

But, which of our articles did analytics say you were most attracted to in 2011?  Which pieces are most useful?  Read on to uncover our most popular 2011 articles and topics from My Web Writers’ blog.

Content with the Most Views and/ or Shares:

1.  Brief Conclusions from the 2011 Google Quality Raters Handbook

Everyone wants the inside track on the Big G!  Pot Pie Girl originally broke this story about an accidental link that appeared on Google’s website.  This link led to a PDF of a training manual for Google rankers with insights into the world of ranking review.  Try not to panic if you missed it.  The manual reinforces white hat, SEO practices and compelling, useful content.

2.  How to Handle Negative Facebook Posts On Your Company’s Facebook Page

In the center of the universal heart is a soft spot.  What do you do when the unkind want to air their complaints publicly?  Inspired by a talk given by Anthony Juliano, from Asher Agency, Pam suggests an overall customer service approach that’s positive and effective when handling negativity.

3.   Create a Table of Contents

Perfectionists tasked with writing manuals found this post helpful. This popular topic navigates Word 2007 and various options for creating tables of contents.

5.  Ten Content Tips for ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth) Experts

Google’s Jim Lecinski created a fantastic marketing model that identifies current shopping trends.  Content writers and marketers aware of ZMOT found our writing tips helpful for increasing revenue opportunities at the Zero Moment of Truth.

6.  Social Media Brings Others Together

Lauren attended a local TEDx event and wrote about how social media played a part in the event.  This popular article was widely shared and we’d venture to guess by other attendees or TEDx fans.  Google knows the value of your local community.  Consider your own local, story topics in 2012.

7.  Time Wasting Technology- Streamline 2012

For as much as we love technology, it can stifle us.  This topic hit a nerve with many of you.  “What is really important in life?”

8.  Use Your Writing Gifts to Better the World

We love the altruistic.  You shared this article about a missions trip to Nicaragua and then you considered writing for a higher purpose.  Some experiences go beyond words, so I’m delighted we have pictures to share with the article.

9.  Literacy and Your Content Marketing Campaign

Keep it simple.  Search engines want you to consider the general audience when it comes to website content readability now and in 2012.

10.  Google’s Panda 2.5 Update; Deliver the Content Promised in the Meta

This analysis of the Panda 2.5 update suggested that three losing websites had a uniting theme- they under-delivered in the content what they promised to deliver in their meta titles.  Since the posting of this article, Google made additional Panda adjustments.

Thanks for Reading My Web Writers’ 2011 Most Popular Articles!

Your content providers at My Web Writers wish you a very happy holiday season.  What were some of your favorite topics and articles this year?  What did your readers enjoy on your blog or website? Drop a note to us with a link to your post!



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