Five Quick Tips for Optimizing Mobile Content

by My Web Writers

Mobile continues the fast track in growth, as US virtual goods revenue pushes toward $2.5 billion in 2012.  What can you do as a content marketer to write more effectively for mobile?

1.  Narrow Your Mobile Keyword Research

Use your keyword analytics to present the single strongest term per mobile screen page.  Bryson Meunier suggests,

“As search marketers, we should already understand the power of keyword research in letting your users tell you what they want and how they want it said on your website, and keyword research can help prioritize what content goes on a mobile site as well.”

Indeed a carefully planned keyword strategy for mobile site navigation is important to your overall mobile site success.

2.  Mobile Content is Not Duplicate Content- At Least Not Yet

Your mobile sites can share the same desktop content without penalty.  Matt Cutts addressed duplicate mobile content back in January and then again recently.  No worries- just yet.

However, would your customer like to see a unique page?  Could having complementing desktop and mobile content increase sales?  Sure and not necessarily.  These are questions to discuss with your marketing team.

3.  Write Like A Mobile Content Journalist

Just like a reporter, offer the most important information within the first few sentences or bullet points.  Answer the consumer’s most basic questions:

 Who?  What?  Where?  When?  How?  How much? 

Hold off on answering “why?” until you effectively answer those first six.

4.  With Mobile- Action Before Beauty

Your mobile content might be the last few words consumers ponder before making purchases- your final opportunity to make sales.  Which words will make the difference?  Call the consumer to action with action verbs.

Then, offer lovely descriptions and additional information by linking to your desktop content.

5.  Embrace Mobile Fun & Originality

You are still writing a bronco in the Wild West.  Be the originator- the curator of unique on your mobile gold rush journey and users will come back to visit your brand through mobile just because it’s cool or offers something valuable.  Securing user experiences through a variety of channels- mobile, desktop, social media, etc will give your brand more face time and revenues.

Looking for additional help to write or edit your mobile content?  Professional content providers can turn hair-raising copy into work horse pages.



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