Holiday Content Challenge- Let the Family Games Begin!

by My Web Writers

Try this light-hearted approach to securing that much needed post-holiday content, while entertaining your family and friends this Thanksgiving holiday.

(Psst.  Don’t tell them this is for your blog- well… at least not, yet.)

Family, Start Your Content Engines!

Content Equipment Needed:  Two computers, laptops, or IPADs and one stop watch.

Roles Played in the Content Challenge:

The Content Judge–  Choose the wisest, least creative, or biggest naysayer in the room for this role.  Of course, the easiest person is you.

The Content Editors– Mom and Dad are natural editors.

The Content Readers– These people have flares for reading and speaking aloud.  Choose one writer from each team to double as a reader.

After your turkey and pie are long gone and the dishes are cleared, place two laptops or IPADs at one end of the table next to the appointed judge.  If two laptops aren’t available, maneuver into a room where one wired computer and one laptop are available.  For the sake of Grandma’s eyes and finger dexterity, avoid using cell phones or Blackberries.  If your crowd is hip and spry, go for it with two phones complete with memo or Word aps.

Choose a Content Topic

So, what will your readers tolerate on your blog next week?  Do they expect a serious review of industry standards, a light-hearted reflection of Black Friday, or a list of Christmas gifts kids would love?  Consider the topic very carefully before your guests arrive.  Do you want the posse to craft persuasive, informative, or descriptive stories?  If they’re a particularly fun group, choose two topics and next week’s work will soon be done!

Organize into Content Teams

Divide the room into two equally matched teams (in terms of age and writing ability).  Explain that each group has five minutes to collaborate and to discuss the topic.  The object of the game is to impress the judge. The team that impresses the judge the MOST will win amazing door prizes.  The other team will win pretty okay, door prizes.

Ready, Set, Write!

After five minutes of babbling and organizing (we call it pre-writing), each team member now has to write for three minutes before switching, mid-sentence, with the next team member.  Encourage team members to weave together a beginning, middle, and end to their group article or story.  It’s okay to let efficient typists assist certain members of the group.  When the judge declares, “Time’s up,” give the masterpieces to the editors for five more minutes to finalize each creation.

Here Ye! Here Ye!

After the judge calls time, the editors hand the articles to the readers.  Each reader presents the work in his or her best oratory flare.  After the articles are read and the applause has quieted, the judge must then decide which team is the winner of your family’s annual, Holiday Content Challenge.  Be ready with party favors!

We’d like to hear how the great writing escapade goes for you this holiday.  After family and friends have stopped throwing hot cocoa marshmallows at each other and have agreed to let you publish these masterpieces, do share them with us.  We always have our eyes open for budding content writers.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

© Copyright My Web Writers 2011




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