Build Your Social Media Profile

by My Web Writers

Building the best social media profile is important for your company’s SEO. Try these easy tips to boost your company ranks:

• Load up your updates (posts, Tweets, etc.) with your site’s keywords

o Make your updates frequent and relevant to the keywords on your webpage.

• Link to your social media pages

o Providing links that customers can visit provides “link juice” for those pages and helps with your ranks

• Link to your webpage from your social media pages

o Give your followers plenty of opportunity to access your website

• Keep a handle on your “followers”

o Having a larger number of followers boosts your rank. Be sure not to follow more people than are following you. The idea is to have an equal number of followers vs. people you are following.

• Update your bio or actual profile often and include plenty of your site’s keywords

Your website’s search engine ranks will rise to the top of the charts if you follow these simple tips. Of course, updating often and staying on top of all the SEO changes can be an overwhelming task. If you can’t find the time to keep up with the social media train, it may be best to bring a set of content providers and/or social media PR writers along for the ride.



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