Time Wasting Technology – Streamline 2012

by My Web Writers

Eventually, You Won’t Waste Time

Do you dread certain social media, software, or content creation activities like …

  • Deleting followers who unfollowed you?
  •  Following followers to build your following?
  • Updating your status for Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In?
  • Navigating privacy settings again and again and again?
  • Navigating mobile ap choices and settings?
  • Writing, filming, and editing videos for your blog or website?
  • Composing marketing emails or newsletters?
  • Tweeting at certain times of the day with certain followers because your social media platform said you should?
  • Analyzing website traffic data to make decisions about which of these activities you should do more of tomorrow?

What a drag!  How do you keep up?

Combing social media lists, posting blog posts just to post, fiddling with the privacy intrusions on the latest apps, scanning QR codes to go to website spam, endless scheduled and unscheduled status updates, etc-  Ug.

Truly, let’s put this in perspective.  If you were on your deathbed looking back over your life, how would you feel about those hours spent fiddling with your social media follower list or growing corn on your make believe farm?

Hey, in case no one ever mentioned it, you will be on your deathbed one day.  Are these activities worthy of your time?  If not, change the system that pushes these activities into your life.  Rethink your personal routine.

“Social” used to mean meeting in person for potlucks.  Those in today’s nursing homes once pondered what too much television would do to their kids’ brains.  We roll our eyes, but the insatiable desire for stimulus leaves many adults and teens socially incapable without mobile phones in hand to divert their attentions in thousands of different directions.  It’s hard to focus and process for more than a few seconds before bouncing to something else.

Technology is here to stay.  Is it?  Abundance of choice is not sustainable if it’s unaffordable.

If the majority doesn’t have time for it or can’t afford it, certain technologies are tomorrow’s road kill.

Working one, two, or three jobs to put food on the table, doesn’t leave much time to participate in the choices on your phone or IPAD.  Oh wait.  Maybe those on the stimulus fix would rather chat with, play games with, or tweet those they hardly see in person instead of working one, two, or three jobs?  Maybe they actually do all of that stuff while working one, two, or three jobs.  What happens to quality in the workplace or in a country when workers are continually distracted?

The choices that search, mobile, software, and application companies offer won’t dwindle until hamsters decide their wheels are spinning way too fast.  When society slows the consumption, the strongest and most worthwhile tech features and activities survive.  Will the glut of mindless tech time wasters subside in 2012?

Everything but quality content is game for removal.  We just don’t have time for fluff.

Technology Time saving Tips

Take a quick survey of your personal routine.  Which components of technology serve as temporary files in your overloaded, storage bin?  Try these time saving tech reduction strategies (and add in your own) to run more efficiently in 2012:

  • Check email and social media at scheduled intervals.
  • Unsubscribe spam in your inbox.
  • Remove Facebook, Twitter, and other program notifications.
  • Use just one social media account.
  • Team up with or hire writers to share blogging responsibilities.
  • Review your bookmarks and delete the ones that create clutter.
  • Remove applications that waste time or are never used.
  • Don’t feel like you have to accept every software or application update.
  • Take advantage of mobile calendar and contact options to stay organized.
  • Deliver your old computers to preschools or science centers for kids to dissect.

Other Opinions about Technology & Time Wasters:

It’s time to trim.  Consider this chorus of input from bloggers with suggestions about rethinking technology and time:

Sydney Morning Harold

Passionate Homemaking

Right Now Communications

Time and Information are not only NOT Free- They’re not even cheap

The Future of Content

While technology actually saves time in enough places to waste time in others, tech companies considering the viability of another update, platform, or device should realize that their cheese can move, too.  It’s quite plausible that eventually people will choose working, washing the dishes, and taking care of aging boomer parents over trying to find a new link to post to a status update.  The cost of hours on the Internet for negligible return (at least for the majority) could force reform.



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