Writing Careers for Word Lovers

by My Web Writers

Are you a writer who’s looking for work, but struggling to find the perfect fit?  Consider exploring these alternative writing careers:

• Programmer- If you love to write but also like the technical side of things, this may be the career for you. Programmers often take written copy and upload it for companies. If you prove yourself as a good editor, you may be able to edit the copy before you upload it or even write your own.

• Storyteller- What a fun job! A story teller often takes children’s stories and tweaks them into a fabulous new version. This is definitely the job for you if you’re into writing and performing. It’s also a job that you can travel with or if you desire to make your own schedule.

• Copy editor- Copy editors do a lot of editing. This is a great option for those grammar/English lovers.

• Publicist- This is the job for you if you love to write persuasive pieces. Promoting styles, designers, individuals, or groups is a major factor in this job. Publicists also tend to write reviews or articles along with scheduling interviews and appearances.

• Copy writer- Copy writers deliver original content to company websites, brochures, and much, much more!

Of course the list of writing careers is exhaustive. You may also find countless jobs that have hidden writing opportunities within them.


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