Marketing Blogs to Read

by My Web Writers

Have you ever been given the task of researching a marketing strategy and have no clue where to start, not to mention the fact that you can easily go through tons of articles that aren’t helpful to you at all? The goal of this short and sweet blog is to provide quick access to helpful marketing blogs that you KNOW are worth your time. Check out the following blogs in your next marketing search:

Seth Godin’s Blog: In this marketing blog, Seth highlights the fact that we spend so much time trying to sell products rather than putting value in the actual product.

• I really like Diva Marketing Blog because it’s a different take on branding. Their latest blog interviews Becky Carroll, author of The Hidden Power of Your Customers: Becky Carroll’s approach is to use experience maps to figure out what the customers need and want. In doing so, it helps everyone on the marketing team to understand how they’re impacting the customer.

Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO: It’s true that marketing means selling, but to get an even better result in search engines, knowing the ins-and-outs on the technical side definitely helps. Matt Cutts is the “go-to guy” on everything search. While you’ll gain personal insights into Cutts on his blog, you’ll also glean information about search engine strategies.

Jim Collins, the author of Good to Great offers several articles on his website.  These are interesting reads about leadership and business strategies- including marketing strategies.

• Josh Bernoff, one of the authors of Groundswell, shares his insights in a marketing blog entitled Empowered.

Copyblogger offers succinct tips on writing and marketing.  If you’re a writer, this blog is a daily a tune-up.

Chris Brogan makes a name for himself with his “regular guy” persona.  You’ll find him on Google Plus, Twitter, and at his marketing blog.

Ads of the World is the place to find international commercials and marketing perspectives.

Mari Smith is a familiar social media face on Twitter and now Google Plus.  You can’t get enough of Mari’s happiness, either.

• Looking for a smattering of marketing topics?  Pop over to Advertising Age’s blogs list to refresh your perspective.

Of course there are many more great marketing blogs, but taking the above into consideration is a step in the right direction!  What are your favorite marketing blogs?



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