Effective Affiliate Email Marketing

by My Web Writers


Whether new to or currently participating in affiliate marketing, the ultimate goal is to maximize your relationship with potential or current customers and your affiliate businesses in order to create revenue. Many affiliate marketers focus on building their commission revenue via a website, blogs, or social media. Another great vehicle for affiliate marketers is email. Affiliate email marketing has fantastic advantages for large and small affiliate partnerships. The following addresses the three things vital to effectuating a successful affiliate email marketing strategy.

Affiliate Services Company
First, find a reputable affiliate services company like Commission Junction which runs one of the largest affiliate networks in the world. Companies like CJ provide a platform and support center to help you optimize your affiliate partnerships. These service companies can simply help you get started with affiliate relationships that you intend to manage yourself or can remain at your service by also managing those affiliate relationships for you.

Second, set up an account with an email service or autoresponder like AWeber, Constant Contact, or Get Response. At its most basic level, these services automate the tasks of collecting names and email addresses of your visitors, sending emails to your subscribers, tracking any of their referral activities, and providing HTML templates that help create great looking emails. Once you get the structure of your email marketing campaign set up in the autoresponder then you don’t have to worry about what email is going out to which subscriber at which interval. The autoresponder does all of that for you once you have uploaded your subscriber email list and entered the parameters for your emails.

Email Content Writers
Third, further allow yourself to focus on your business by outsourcing the writing of your content to email writers. Content providers specialize in writing emails that compel the subscriber to open the email and then reward them for having done so with quality, engaging content. 80% of all affiliate marketing sales happen after the fifth contact. If the content of your email loses the subscriber before that time then you have lost a potential sale. The risk of that happening is too great. If you find yourself too busy to create quality content or, quite frankly, don’t want to write, companies like My Web Writers, who enjoy writing and who understand that content matters in email campaigns, can write the content for you.

Affiliate email marketing campaigns are another powerful tool in optimizing the success of your affiliate relationships. The likelihood of landing a desired sale increases through en email campaign because the potential customer was interested in your products or services enough that they gave you their email address in the first place. The quality content created by your content provider serves as the basis for a long-term relationship with the engaged subscriber. The autoresponder fulfills that all important role of contacting your subscriber on a regular basis with the desired blend of newsletters or promotions you have set up in your account. Given the potential of a well serviced, well organized, and well written affiliate email marketing campaign, it is certainly worth a look if you have not already incorporated it into your marketing strategy.



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