My Favorite Writer and Online Marketing Websites and Blogs

by My Web Writers

As one of My Web Writers‘ content writers, I enjoy reading informative, inspiring, current, and helpful websites and blogs that keep me at the top of my game and at the forefront of the latest trends and online marketing strategies. The following four websites and blogs have impressed me so much that they have found a spot on my Google bookmark bar and hopefully will find a spot on yours.

Most Informative
Blogworld earns the title of the most informative writer and online marketing blog. I could spend hours clicking through the tabs on new media news, blogging, social media, business, and more. At Blogworld you can follow the latest stats and trends for digital devices, emerging technologies, and social media users. Take some time to read posts that advise bloggers as to what to avoid and what to incorporate into their blogs. Check out the social media tab which breaks into subcategories focusing on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and more. Search the business tab and Blogworld provides invaluable information on how to improve online marketing efforts. If you are looking for a well-rounded web site addressing the breadth and depth of online networking, online marketing, digital / social trends, and blogging advice – bookmark Blogworld.

Most Inspiring
For me, the most inspiring web site has to be real, fun, engaging, motivational, and have a unique voice. Seth Godin‘s website hits the mark and then some. Seth Godin has a way of addressing his audience like a master teacher. He effectively communicates basic concepts through drawing parallels with everyday events, situations, and realties. His writing style and his messages encourage the most practiced and the most novice writer to simply find his or her voice and use it. Never has the notion of infusing authenticity and authority been so successfully accomplished than through Seth Godin. If you ever felt that anything was holding you back from being your best writer, those inhibitions will vanish once you read his blogs and download his free stuff.

Most Current
For me, Clickosity keeps me up-to-date on “the newest, most pertinent trends, tactics, and technologies in the industry.” At Clickosity you will find the following.
• Recaps of marketing events and seminars.
• Discussions of provocative questions related to current online trends.
• Reviews of new or updated online marketing tools and software.

Scroll down their categories list and you will easily locate blogs on marketing trends, mobile/tablet applications, display advertising, and more. Clickosity has a user-friendly interface that makes picking and choosing topics that interest you easy, fun, and rewarding.

Most Helpful
Taking the number one spot on my list of most helpful websites is Copyblogger. Browse the website and you will understand why Copyblogger has received so many accolades and awards from authors, publications and online rating agencies alike. Brian Clark, the founder of Copyblogger, states Copyblogger’s mission as being “an innovative company that provides the advice and solutions that empower people to successfully grow their businesses through social media and online marketing.” He certainly delivers. Try out his tutorials, read his blogs, and enter your email address to receive the latest Copyblogger tips, updates, and observations. The knowledge shared in Copyblogger’s invaluable blogs and emails help put businesses and copywriters on track to meet or surpass their goals.

These are my favorite writer and online marketing websites and blogs. What are your favorite websites and blogs? I’d love to hear who you turn to to be informed, inspired, in-the-know, or helped out with great tips and advice.



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