Why Content Should Still Be King in Your Court

by My Web Writers

“Content is King” has predominated the internet marketing world for many years. However, with the popularity of conversing via social media, some have questioned whether content has just become one of the guys and lost its position as king. It is an intriguing question. Conversation has entered the court and, for some, it challenges online marketers’ determination of where their marketing efforts are best served – conversation or content. In my opinion, content trumps conversation. The fact of the matter is that if you have nothing of quality to share then you have nothing to offer the conversation.

Imagine that you have effectively joined the conversation through Twitter, Facebook, Google +1, LinkedIn, etc. and your target audience is now knocking on your website door. What will they find? Will they find lackluster, thin, and sterile text or will they find engaging, well-organized, and helpful content? You see, your content is much like a story and the transaction is the end of the book. If the story is boring, confusing, and poorly written, the reader puts down the book and looks for, not only a different book, but a different author. If the story intrigues the reader with an interesting and convincing storyline, then the reader reads all the way to the end. Make the story really great and the reader will even look for more of your books. Make the story really, really great and the reader will do much of the conversation work for you when they tell others how great it is. However, without great content the conversation won’t go far, the storyline will be abandoned, and you won’t get the desired results.

Let me illustrate. My son generally hates reading. I take him and my other children into a book store and he just wants to leave while the others could browse for hours. However, on our last visit we picked up Suzanne Collin’s book “The Hunger Games.” My kids had heard great things about the book so they wanted to get a copy. We found the book, brought it home, and my son read the entire book in one day! I couldn’t get him to stop. He found the storyline to be that good!!!! Now, not only did he enjoy the one book, but he wants to get the entire series. To go even further – not only does he want to read all of the books, he wants to see the movie. The content or storyline of Suzanne Collin’s book is so engaging and convincing that my son is now a devoted fan. Even better for Suzanne Collins, he likes the book so much that he will tell all of his friends about it which, in turn, will bring even more people to look for and be won over by “The Hunger Games”‘ storyline.

Online marketing efforts need to function the same way. Make the content king. Focus on your message and, with the target audience in mind, write that storyline content out in a way that appeals to that reader’s characteristics, lifestyle and needs. Once you have generated the kind of content that wins over your target audience then initiate your real-time marketing strategies through social media and get people to visit your site. Impressed by the quality of your content, those visitors will turn into satisfied customers who, by word-of-mouth, will bring even more people to your site.

If you, excited by the marketing potential of social media, are poised to enter the conversation but have not created truly quality content for your website then step back and make that your first priority. If you are concerned that your content is not up to par, outsource that task to a company like My Web Writers who makes it their business to make sure that your content is king.



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