Revise for Mis-Tweets – A Social Media Marketing Story from Bill Hybels and Willow Creek

by My Web Writers

A Marketing Example- Effective Social Media

Recently, I summarized my experience at Willow Creek Association’s 2011 Leadership Summit.  While attendees flocked to various simulcast sites throughout the United States to learn from and be inspired by highly engaging business and church leaders- there was a glitch.

Howard Schultz, the Founder and CEO of Starbucks, was slated as the keynote speaker, but backed out of his contract a week prior to the event.  Bill Hybels, senior pastor of Willow Creek, had about a week to simmer emotions and to prepare a speech addressing the last-minute, speaker change:

I outlined my thoughts on this change in Hybels, Starbucks, and a Teen and noted Starbucks’ clever burying of bad PR with good PR that week.

Jim Mellado, Willow Creek Association President, debriefed with Bill Hybels about the 2011 Leadership Summit and asked Hybels to describe how he crafted the speaker change announcement.

The Writing Process & Your Marketing Team

Hybels wrote a draft. He then asked for input from his wife, a professional writer and editor. He took the draft with changes to his daughter who added a youthful editor’s perspective. Then, he presented the draft to the Willow Creek Association team, church development team, campus pastors, and elders. Each group fine-tuned the document.

Consider Social Media & Mis-Tweets

Finally, the day before the Summit, after he thought his document was complete, Willow’s social media expert approached Hybels and suggested, “Just for fun, go over every single phrase and see how it could be twisted or mis-tweeted.”

“Oh my,” Hybels responded looking upward, “that’s another layer in all this, isn’t it?”

He took the manuscript home and “changed about a half a dozen other little phrases” for Twitter.

Willow’s perceptive leadership, content, and social media team helped Hybels to draft a graceful and memorable leadership statement.

Who reviews your most important speeches, articles, and press releases? You might not always have the time needed for feedback, but when possible, do accept input from others. Expert marketing, social media, and editing teams are invaluable.



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