Google Plus and Content Marketing

by My Web Writers

Google Plus has received a lot of buzz since its release. A lot of the attention has centered on the speed at which Google Plus reached milestone levels of members, its fresh and exciting platform, and its role in the entire Google brand. Almost as quickly as it gained members, businesses were clamoring for the opportunity to create a Google Plus profile to take advantage of the benefits Google Plus has for content marketing.

What features make Google Plus ideal for content marketing?


Google Plus fosters an environment where users easily get the latest information about what interests them. To receive links to interest-based content, one simply indicates those interests in their profile and Google, drawing from its massive search index, automatically displays a piece of the latest articles, blogs, videos, and any other relevant content to that user. Google Plus users no longer need to initiate searches to find the latest buzz about a product, activity, service, company, or current events. Google Plus brings it right to the user. All the user has to do is click through to view the content in its entirety.

How can content marketing benefit? Online companies, hoping to strengthen their presence on the internet, have yet another reason to make sure their SEO content marketing practices get results. Rising to the top in Google’s SERP now means more than just making it onto the top of the first results page, it also means that Google conveniently provides the user a sampling of the content in Sparks.

As a result, those in charge of content marketing must make it a point to

  1. correctly identify the target audience,
  2. choose their keywords correctly, and
  3. make their content attractive to the search engine algorithms.

Accomplishing these three things means that your content marketing efforts will get to the right people, will match the keywords of the Sparks interest category, and be picked up by Google to pass on to the Google Plus member.

Hangout and Circles – the ultimate content sharing platform

Not only is Google dialoguing with its members via Sparks, but members are sharing content with members via the circles, hangout, and huddle features. Circles are a big hit because members can segregate their social networking acquaintances based upon relation, interests, and geography. Hangout appeals to those who love webcam conversations while providing features, like watching YouTube clips viewed during an online video call, that are exclusive to Google Plus. Huddle integrates texting as another way in which people of the same circle can initiate and facilitate group texting. All of these features cater to the need to share information.

How can content marketing benefit from these sharing features? Word of mouth has always been one of the most effective methods of spreading information and finding new customers. Google Plus members are speaking. Use Google Plus’ active sharing environment to spread the word about online competitions, new products, upcoming events, and special pricing promotions. Finding a voice within the sharing features of Google Plus effectively magnifies your content marketing efforts as word travels in an organic fashion.

It is important to point out that viewing Google Plus’ sharing capabilities as simply a powerful way to disseminate your marketing campaign would deny you another great benefit that Google Plus has to offer. Nate Riggs suggests that Google Plus, because it encourages so much sharing, also serves to inform online companies about what their target audience is saying. He states “This provides an opportunity for you to set up specific circles of the individual users who share content that’s most relevant to your customer audience.” Savvy online content marketers know that they need to hear what consumers are saying and Google Plus provides the perfect opportunity to listen.

Using Google Plus In-house

I have shared a few of Google Plus’ features that make this bandwagon a great spot for content marketing. However, the benefits of Google Plus in content marketing are not exclusive to the company-customer relationship. Because Google Plus takes the ease of social networking to a whole new level, businesses can benefit from its features to coordinate and discuss content marketing strategies within the company. Google Plus is not a social networking phenomenon just within the United States – it is a global player. Imagine how much more productive online meetings can be using hangout. Imagine how much easier it will be to update relevant company personnel of the buzz about your latest content marketing campaign with circles.

The marriage of Google Plus and content marketing practices represent a match made in heaven. Content marketing is all about reaching the target audience and creating a buzz. Google Plus is all about creating a social networking platform where buzz and sharing have free reign. Take the time to familiarize yourself with Google Plus and recognize its potential impact on content marketing. Although Google Plus has yet to invite businesses to “set up shop” on this platform, take advantage of the waiting period to set up personal accounts, to start listening, and to get sharing.



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