Google+ Versus Other Social Media Sites

by My Web Writers

This summer a new social media website exploded onto the scene—Google Plus (Google+). All eyes (and fingertips) were quickly on it as new users started tinkering with the new social media domain.  As all successful ventures before have done, Google+ took some of the best components of Facebook & Twitter while adding their own flare with new features.

Google+ new features:

• Circles—Circles allow you to network with friends & acquaintances just like Facebook. The difference with Google+ is that you categorize them based on how you know them, i.e. business, college buddies, etc. Many people are fans of this easy to use drag & drop feature as they can send messages to an entire circle at once & only those in the circle can view the message.

• Hangout—Hangouts are essentially web chats. This feature is popular among businesses and can easily be used as interactive conference calls.

• Data Liberation & Takeout—Google+ is now offering features that allow you to back up photos, information, and more while archiving it which makes importing & exporting data much easier.

• Streaming posts—Similar to Twitter, Google+ streams posts that are made by people in your circle or that correlate to your interests. Unlike Twitter, however, there is no character maximum to the amount of characters you can use. Many writers are choosing to use Google+ as a place for miniblogs when a full length post is unnecessary.

• Hovering—A nice feature of Google+ is the “hover” feature which gives a “quick look” at someone’s profile rather than diverting from the current page. You can even add someone to one of your circles without leaving your current page & having to retrace your steps.

Google+ is still in its Beta stages, so it’s still evolving. While some features definitely need to be readdressed & made to be more user-friendly, it’s slowly catching on & picking up speed. If you’re a business looking to get into more social media to promote your brand & products, your social media PR writers should definitely jump in to Google+!



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