Top Five Ways To Drive Traffic to Your Website

by My Web Writers

Every day the number of sites on the Internet grows. Much like the settlement of the Wild West, those venturing into this crowded, yet unconstrained virtual land, have the goal of establishing a viable presence that spells out success. The difference between those settling the Wild West and those acquiring an IP address is that just staking and developing your spot does not suffice. An IP address means nothing if measures to drive users to your website are not put in place. Here are the top five ways to drive traffic to your website.

Choose the Right Name For Your Business
Help drive traffic to your website by choosing a name that is unique, easy-to-remember, and in line with the keywords related to your company’s products or services. A unique name facilitates the securing of a domain name. “Easy-to-remember” names are short, catchy, and logical. The importance of incorporating keywords in increasing your odds of being found can’t be stressed enough. Keywords are that underground mapping system that search relies on to navigate users through the internet. Make sure your company’s keywords are worked into the name.

Advertise on a Well-Known Internet Business
Popular businesses like already enjoy a strong presence on the internet. Help drive Internet users to your website by tapping into Amazon’s already large audience. Purchase retargeting ads for products similar to yours that will help others find and direct potential customers to your website.

Work for a High SERP Rank
Ranking on one of the first two search results pages takes work. Key factors to being found at that rank position consist in filling your website with optimized content and building quality links back to your company. Because the content and link optimization practices are at the mercy of search engine algorithms, more and more companies recognize the need to employ individuals whose responsibility it is to focus exclusively on those issues. Some companies have chosen to expand their workforce and address these issues in-house. Other companies who can’t or prefer to not accomplish this work in-house hire companies like My Web Writers who specialize in this work.

Join the Online Conversation
Proactively direct traffic to your website by establishing a presence in forums, social media sites, and networks where your target audience dialogues. Using these resources to build relationships and establish credibility lays the kind of foundation that drives serious consumers to your website.

Consider Focusing on Long-Tail Strategies
The debate over whether a long-tail strategy or a short-tail strategy is the most viable approach to driving traffic to your website has yet to be concluded. Most online businesses opt for the more conservative approach of the short-tail with the ultimate exclusion of any long-tail investments. Kathy Crosett, in her blog entitled Marketers Turn to Long-Tail Sites for Improved Consumer Engagement, states that “[a]nalysts at ContextWeb contend that marketers should spend more of their media budget on long-tail rather than short-tail sites.” The belief is that Internet users are becoming more specific in their search terms and adopting more of a boutique approach to shopping. By identifying and exploiting your niche in whatever market or industry you serve, you can drive better traffic to your website – the kind of traffic that yields greater click-through-rates and return-on-investment.

If you are concerned about the strength of your website on the Internet, then consider these top fives ways to drive traffic to your website and implement any of those measures that you have yet to employ.




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2 responses to “Top Five Ways To Drive Traffic to Your Website

  1. I agree with your comments that the internet is like the ‘wild west’. I think that is true in so many ways. I like your 5 ways to drive traffic.

  2. Ashley

    With the online world, don’t sell. Invite people to have a look at your product offering as well as focusing on getting people to interact with you

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