New to LinkedIn? Jump on Board the Social Media Train!

by My Web Writers

LinkedIn has been around for several years, but it is the newest, up-and-coming social media platform. It provides business professionals opportunities to connect or “link” up with one another in business ventures that may benefit both parties. Many businesses are using LinkedIn in addition to Facebook and Twitter to expand their brands.

Just as with other social media sites, LinkedIn has many benefits and can increase SEO for your company if used correctly. Try the following tips from Matthew Gain and other knowledgeable LinkedIn users to get started in your content marketing endeavors through social media:

  • Complete your LinkedIn profile—Use keywords associated with your company’s name within your profile.
  • Post URLS to your profile–Include relevant site linking whenever you can that will direct others to your website.
  • Go public–Change your profile to full view by the public so that Google (and other search engines) can index it, thus increasing search engine ranks.
  • Link to Twitter–LinkedIn allows you to connect to your Twitter page and others that you’d like to promote through your LinkedIn page.
  • Modify your URL to represent your company name rather than URL jargon (letters & numbers)—Using keywords & anchor text in your URL provides more “link juice” and will improve SEO ranks as search engines scower your site.
  • Include all job history–People may search for you based on what they know about your previous work history, so having a complete job history will benefit you.
  • Specialties–This is the place on LinkedIn to use as many key words as possible when telling everyone what you do best.
  • Join groups—Choose groups carefully & be sure they’re related to your business. When you’re associated with a group that’s relevant to you, it can help in search results.
  • Modify your headline: The headline is the tagline under your name on LinkedIn. Include descriptions with keywords to increase key word density on your page.

Getting started and learning about a new component in social media & SEO can seem like a daunting task. With a little time and patience, you’ll be up and running in no time. Don’t have much time to put into this new platform? My Web Writers is up to the task! Connect with My Web Writers on LinkedIn or contact writers today!



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