Managing Your Writing Workforce

by My Web Writers

In a recent meeting between my colleagues and me at My Web Writers, the topic of workplace management came up. What do you like your work environment to be like? Do you work better under strict deadline pressures or in a relaxed environment? What type of personality do you work better under—laid back or hard core?

During the meeting, we shared our personal ideas of how management should be and past experiences with project managers. Many of the writers have worked with both demanding, impatient personalities and laid back, whatever happens-happens personalities. Something right in between that provides structure and critique with positive, kind reinforcement is ideal for most people. It must be kept in mind, however, that the type of work you’re doing demands different styles of management.

When thinking about content writing, there has to be an understanding that what you write (which will ultimately be placed on a public website) is going to be critiqued. This is necessary and important, but writing is a very vulnerable task. Every time content writers work on a piece, they put themselves out there for everyone to judge. The management style of editors when critiquing professional writers must be one that is understanding of this fact and give quality feedback in a kind way. If content writers feel diminished and defeated, the quality of web copy will be sacrificed.

The writers at our meeting all agreed on this fact. So, if you’re managing a content company, what kind of project manager are you? Do you take your employee’s feelings into consideration while still demanding quality SEO content? It’s definitely something to think twice about. Let us get you started with a great checklist of tips & considerations when critiquing your writers:

  • Take what you know about the person into account when speaking to him or her—is the person sensitive, outspoken, shy, etc. This should influence the “impact” of your delivery.
  • Get your point across while still sparing the feelings of that person—it helps to put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if someone delivered a critique to you in the way you’re delivering it?
  • Offer several positives about the work that was done.
  • Provide helpful tips on how to correct any errors. If possible, show/give an example of what you’d like to see.
  • Follow-up with your writers—check in with them to see how the piece is turning out.
  • ~Lauren


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