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by My Web Writers

funnel picture

Have you ever heard these statements before?
Don’t tell me, show me.
A picture is worth a thousand words.

As a writer for My Web Writers whose passion it is to create engaging content that converts a visit into a purchase, I recognize the role that a great visual plays. A great visual representation effectively circumvents or supplements something’s written or textual meaning. It reminds me of how useful picture dictionaries are in introducing children and adults to unknown words, whether it be in their native tongue or in a second language.

It has often been my experience that, in five seconds, one good picture can clearly represent the comprehensive meaning of a single concept. Arriving at that same depth of understanding via written words is a feat that sometimes requires lots of time spent searching for and studying the explanations of four or five different resources. Inspired by a friend’s recent personal experience relating to the value of pictures, I decided that I’d address the value of images in this blog.

Funnel Search
While researching available tools for analyzing the effectiveness of optimzied content, this friend encountered the concept of funnel analysis.  Although able to find textual descriptions of this tool, the concept didn’t take hold. Still trying to formulate a complete understanding of funnel analysis’ usefulness, my friend came across Veb Analytics’ page about funnel analysis. At the very top of this page was this picture.

Thanks to this simple picture, all of the information my friend gleaned from prior funnel analysis research came together. The designation of this behavioral analysis tool, used for tracking a consumer’s actions between the initial visit and the eventual purchase of a product or service, immediately made sense. My friend now appreciated how the use of the word “funnel” seeks to capitalize on this object’s characteristic narrowing shape to parallel how consumers go from broad intent to precise action. In the end, rather than spending hours trying to tease out a definite understanding of funnel analysis from multiple resources, this simple illustration cleared up the concept of and the naming of “funnel” search in seconds.

This is just one example of many instances where pictures play an important role. Pictures not only help with the understanding of abstract concepts. Great visual elements help consumers better understand a product’s features, size, and quality before purchasing it.

So, while focusing on the keyword ratio of your content, while concerning yourself with whether you have chosen the right words to express your idea, or while focusing on making sure that your content is appropriate for your target audience, don’t forget about the picture. You’ll appreciate how it strengthens and clarifies your content. Readers will appreciate how it helps fill in any language gaps. Pictures, graphs, and charts are, in essence, the shorthand of written text. Use it to your advantage.


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