Content Marketing & the Future of Search

by My Web Writers

What is Content Marketing?

Somewhere over the rainbow…Where does content marketing lead?

I’m here to announce that the brothers and sisters of the fraternal order of SEO professionals have engineered a new, but kind of old, term- content marketing, which is managed by content marketing engineers.  Content marketing builds an empire of quality content that educates your audience and empowers them to make great choices (hopefully about your products and services), while catering to the growing need for personalized information. This content comes in many forms- digital, video, written- you name it.

Evolutions of Content Marketing

Are you keeping up with the times- Internet Marketers, SEO Specialists, Inbound Marketers, and now- Content Marketing Engineers?  All this change reminds me of when I was a teacher. Every few years the state would gather and decide which buzzwords to pursue, and then they’d repackage standards to improve the system.

Of course, I appreciate all the focus on quality content. I’m just chuckling over the scramble to produce original content (oh yes, with a marketing bent- can’t forget the marketing part) to stay competitive. Great writers have always produced quality.  It’s in the DNA.

We Need More Quality Content.. or Do We?

I’m just wondering about the future of this extra effort to bomb the market with more blog posts, more Tweets, more podcasts, more webinars, and more videos.

For example, as I write, it’s a Saturday afternoon, and instead of enjoying a sunny day and 80 degree weather with my family, I’m writing this blog post. That’s nuts. Well, for me, it’s passion. But, is it a passion for everyone? Probably not, but they’re now content marketing professionals forced to write, write, write. That’s like asking me to stay inside to work on Algebra or taxes. No thanks.

Who reads all of this content, anyway?  As soon as I post this article, will people rush to read what I have to say when it enters cyberspace? Well, yes!

Really? I thought they might be cutting their grass, staining their decks, or watching their kids’ baseball games, today.  On Monday, they’ll be bombed with 300 emails to sift through before breakfast.  Shoot, that plant in the corner is dying.  Need to water it someday.  Oh, and junior has swim practice after school, while princess has a dance recital.

Oops. Let me clarify because I can hear someone twang, “Darling, it’s not about more content, it’s about quality content.” Okay. Sure. Improving your SERP through quality content is VIP, but this term, content marketing implies more- kind of like those big, honking SUVs Americans like to drive.

Thus, with the pressure to produce quality content comes the pressure to produce more of it because that Panda bear will reward those machines who do.

The Future of Search and Content Marketing

Where is all that content going? Probably straight into the planned, future growth of search engines. When experts share their expertise until it becomes common knowledge, their ideas move into public domain and they lose certain rights to those ideas through fair use. According to the United States Copyright Office, the following are not copyright protected:

Ideas, procedures, methods, systems, processes, concepts,
principles, discoveries, or devices, as distinguished from a
description, explanation, or illustration.

Of course, there are original works that do retain copyright protection; but, even if engines focus on producing safe content, the future of search could look very different.

Content marketers are motivated to contribute to the public database in exchange for increased rankings, customers, dollars, and feel good value. Over time, the search engines may not need to give sites rankings for this quality content. They may very well own repackaged versions of it. Consider Esther Dyson’s recap at the May 7th Insider Summit.

So, what will the future of search and content marketing entail? Maybe y’all will be writing articles and producing videos for Google and Bing?  Do they have the potential to become the largest employer of content marketers? Search might be faster- simpler that way.




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2 responses to “Content Marketing & the Future of Search

    • Chris,
      I like his voice. He demonstrates the fine line content providers walk between crafting quality articles and staying profitable. The next few years are going to be very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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