Change and SEO

by My Web Writers

Some people love change, others are afraid of it. Just as in the real world, change in SEO presents a mixed bag of challenges and opportunity. The wrong kind of modification can kill your business. The right kind  can improve your position online. With the potential consequence of change to your online business, lets consider three different areas of change and how they can affect your bottom line.

Changes To Follow

  • Changes in Search Engine Algorithms

A recent article by David Goldman for CNNMoney about how Google’s algorithm change hits 12% of search results states “Websites to Google: ‘You’re killing our business!’” Google’s Panda Update went after content farms and spam sites. These were sites whose purpose was to create large quantities of links to one business in order to move it up in search engine rankings. Often times, because the search engine focused primarily on the existence of the link and not so much on the quality of the content, users were becoming more dissatisfied by the number of low quality sites that appeared at the top of their search results. Google’s goal, as put forth by Google spokesman Gabriel Stricker, is “ . . . to give users the most relevant answers to their queries as quickly as possible. . .” Thus, Google implemented these changes and many online companies are reeling from the precipitous drop in ranking due to that change. As a company trying to establish its presence online, it is imperative that one follows changes in search engine algorithms and adapts SEO strategies accordingly.

  • Changes in Keywords

The realm of keywords and keyword phrases is very dynamic in nature and online businesses need to act accordingly. To successfully compete in search engine rankings, companies need to not only identify popular keywords but to also prepare for and beware of rising search terms. These are keyword searches that, although not the most popular, have experienced significant growth over a certain period of time. Tools such as Google Trends and Twitter Search help spot these trends. Armed with the upcoming keyword trends, you can position yourself to dominate the rankings for those searches.

Changes To Use

Online businesses should know that search engines love fresh content. To maximize your indexing in the search engines data base, you need to bring spiders back more frequently via updated content. Accomplish this task by
+++•  using active links,
+++•  removing / adding new products,
+++•  posting new blogs, and
+++•  revising / adding content.
Search engines view updated content as proof that the site is relevant and authoritative. Changes to your content also appeal to your target audience. Stale content suggests to prospective customers that you are no longer in business, not up-to-date on newest products, or disinterested in the customer’s shopping experience. The adage “content is king” could also read “updated content is king.”

Changes To Avoid

Beware too much change. In very rare circumstances should one delete large portions or entire pages of content. Such drastic measures can actually have a severely negative effect on your rankings. For example, you may have just wiped out a link providing juice to a stronger page making it weaker. Always consider the ramifications that changes can have on your company’s search engine ranking. Be aware that changes to keywords, title tags also have a major impact on the indexing of your site by the search engines. Only make changes after much research and consideration. As a general rule, strategic changes of a positive effect take the form of adding or tweaking content as opposed to deleting and overhauling.

Monitoring and implementing changes is a labor-intensive task with real consequences to the success of your business. Outsourcing the responsibility of these tasks to companies like My Web Writers can help navigate these changes for a successful outcome.



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