Should You Schedule Tweets?

by My Web Writers

While working with one of our writers on one of our client’s Twitter accounts, a discussion ensued about scheduling tweets.  Should we and if so, when?  There are, of course, many tools that one can use to make Twitter much easier while you’re in meetings, on planes, or sleeping.  Tweet Deck, Hoot Suite, and other tools are all viable options. However, the question remains, should you schedule your messages and then watch Oprah- er, play golf?

Are you a deejay or are you an interactive communicator or somewhere in between? We want the brands we promote to have someone who’s listening and interacting in real time. If writers rely too heavily on the scheduler option, they risk becoming a megaphone and missing the nuggets of real conversation that make the medium a powerful tool.

Then, there’s the temptation to over-bomb the audience with tweets conceived in one sitting that have nothing to do with the feel of the current hour. Still, scheduling a tweet that’s relevant for a time when you’re not available is perceptive marketing.

We notice that @JeffBullas and mates on the other side of the world, quite smartly schedule their tweets to stay relevant to a global audience at all hours. Jeff, in fact, recently wrote How to Get 53,000 followers: My Story, in which he describes some of the Twitter tools he uses.

How do you use your tweet scheduler? We recognize its benefits, but we use it sparingly.



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