Useful Extensions for Online Writing

by My Web Writers

Word processors offer lots of tools that facilitate composing quality compositions offline. However, many writing tasks must take place online via a VPN, in WordPress, on Twitter, on Facebook, and more. Once one moves to writing online, a lot of the writer-friendly tools are no longer at one’s convenient disposition. As an online writer for My Web Writers I have frequently found myself bouncing back and forth between my online writing screen and an open word processing program in order to access those features. Thanks to popular online extensions I have eliminated that need to go back and forth. I simply add the extension to my toolbar and off I go. I’ll present a few of those tools here along with a couple of other productivity extensions that have been useful for me.

Considering an online content writer’s objective to provide the reader with engaging content, repetitive use of limited vocabulary must be avoided. It makes the content boring to the point that the reader may lose interest and leave. You can easily avoid this problem by adding a thesaurus extension to your toolbar. Simply click on the thesaurus icon, type in the word for which you need a synonym, and see what options work best for you.

Sometimes writers struggle to remember if “affect” or “effect” is the right word for their sentence. You can easily find the answer to that quandry without opening a book, or a new web page by adding a dictionary extension to the toolbar. It’s convenience is priceless. Again, you simply click on the icon, type the word into the open box, and benefit from a brief, concise definition of that word. It couldn’t be any easier.

Add a timer extension to your toolbar and keep yourself at a productive pace. Time just flies by while writing and, next thing you know, you look at the clock and what should have taken you 15 minutes has actually taken 30! Make the timer icon your best friend when you set it for your target time. Once your time is up, a message appears on your screen letting you know that it is time to pick up the pace and move on.

Content writers do a lot of research in order to deepen their understanding of the topic on which they are preparing to write, in order to keep current on new trends and in order to stay up-to-date on search engine guidelines. The internet has so much information and so many resources that the reader needs some way of knowing whether the site they may visit is reputable or not. The search engines strive to only put high-quality results at the top of their rankings, however, we know that black hat techniques successfully bring questionable links to the top. WOT is a helpful extension. It qualifies each hyperlink with color-coded, circular icons that indicate the reputation of each site as determined through user feedback. If a site is reputable the circle is green, yellow suggests caution, and red means it has a bad reputation.

These online writing tools make the writing and research process more convenient, more productive, and more trustworthy. These are my favorites. If you have found that bouncing back and forth between the online writing medium and the offline word processor slows you down – get some extensions. If you aren’t meeting your time deadlines – get a clock extension. If you worry that you may waste time wading through reputable and questionable websites – get an extension. If you just don’t like writing online – hire a web writing company like My Web Writers. We ‘ll do it for you, more effectively, more efficiently, and more passionately.



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