Visualization Brings Product Descriptions Home

by My Web Writers

Potential customers given a flat presentation of a product’s functionality and characteristics lose interest and risk making the purchase through a competitor’s website. To make the sale, you need to persuade the customer that a purchase from you isn’t just a transaction but a true experience that gives them confidence that they are making the right choice. How do you create that experience? By filling the product description page with features that help customers visualize that product in their home. Elements of visualization are:
+++– quality pictures,
+++– contextualized text,
+++– demonstration videos, and
+++– customer reviews.

Quality Pictures
A picture is worth a thousand words so describe your product with an image or images that showcase your product in its best light. Make sure the depictions present a true visualization of the product’s color and features. Poor quality images could lose the sale. Images that are not a true representation of the product could result in a returned product and bad customer reviews.

Contextualized Text
Take advantage of descriptive content to help potential customers envision how the product benefits, enhances and fits into their lifestyle. Describe how the customer can sink into that page’s couch to read a good book. Tell them how excited their loved one will be when receiving that box of chocolate’s purchased at your web site. Make sure that customers understand how guests will love a fresh batch of salsa whipped up in your ultra-fast blender. Don’t just tell the customer how fast the blender works. Contextualize it’s speed in the setting of a special evening of great food with close friends. Visualization created through contextualized description takes the incorporation of adjectives to the next level.

Demonstration Videos
With the advent of YouTube and other internet video capabilities, customers can actually see the product in action. If you are trying to persuade a buyer to buy a glass fruit bowl from you then include a video showing how it can also be used to serve drinks, make pudding parfaits, and be part of a unique centerpiece. Confirm the effectiveness of educational software by showing it in use. Caveat – make sure that the demonstration videos are not too long, are easy-to-follow, and are made of quality picture and sound.

Customer Reviews
Customer reviews play a valuable role in contributing to the visualization of your product. Customers who are already using the product in their home often include first-hand examples of how they themselves have used the product. They share how it has benefited them and sometimes share additional uses of the product that the seller hasn’t thought of or tried himself. Potential customers, while reading these reviews, can also visualize how that purchase makes him or her part of a community of fellow users who are all enjoying how that product enhances their lifestyle.

Visualization-based product description pages take the potential customer beyond just understanding the product. Through the incorporation of visualization techniques, customers actually experience and envision that product as if it were already in their home. Help your visitors visualize the product as part of their lives and, in their mind, they will have made the purchase before ever hitting the “add to cart” button. To reach this level of ultra-enhanced product description requires the ability to not only write words but to write words and add elements that paint a picture. Experienced web writing services like My Web Writers make that extra effort to ensure that your content supports the other visual components of your product page for that successful product description experience.



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