What Makes a Marketable Blog?

by My Web Writers

Have you been struggling to make your blogs more marketable? Knowing what works to create higher visibility for your blog lets you accomplish all sorts of things for your company, like promoting hot new products, emphasizing the use of technique and style for a particular project, and highlighting customers who use your product, etc. To get started, make sure that what you’re writing about is pertinent to your reader, and format it in such a way that it invites readers to pause and read.

Know Your Audience
When you write your blogs, understand your audience and write for their reading level. If you are a realtor, for example, your audience probably consists of past, present, and future home buyers and sellers. Ask yourself what their highest level of education is. Maybe some of your customers are college graduates and maybe some don’t have much education beyond high school. If that is the case, you should write at the high school reading level.

Understand what information—or solutions to problems—your customers are looking for, and then write your blogs based on their needs. Write with authenticity and create content that has quality instructional or informational value. If your writing is interesting and answers their questions about something that is important to them, you’ll gain their trust and readership.

Marketable Blog Format
Formatting your blog is important. Kris, a My Web Writers team member, explains in her recent article that “Viewers Scan the Web, but Don’t Typically Read It.” This means that people scan the information they read to find quickly what they’re looking for. Include h2 and h3 heading tags as needed—or bolding for shorter articles—to segment your content. Use bulleted and numbered lists to outline key points or information. Add graphics to exemplify your topic, and be sure to include a call to action where customers can subscribe to your service or purchase your product.

Marketable Blogs Create Opportunities for Conversation
A marketable blog gives your company access to a broader community of people who are your potential customers. Make sure that your blog provides a place for feedback and conversation. When people begin to exchange thoughts about what they’ve read, you have an opportunity to build relationships with them.

Key Points to Remember About Marketable Blogs
So review your blogs to make sure they:

  • Contain content that has quality instructional or informational value.
  • Are written in a friendly, natural voice that is directed at your target audience.
  • Have content that can be “scanned” easily by incorporating bolded subtitles, bulleted or numbered lists, and graphics.
  • Display relevant information at the top and a call to action at the end.
  • Create an opportunity for conversation with a larger community.



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2 responses to “What Makes a Marketable Blog?

  1. Could you get your blog to change the font to a sans serif typeface? Much easier to read on normal screen resolution of 96dpi. Try Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, Trebuchet, Century Gothic – all nice clean fonts with no ‘fluffy bits’!

    Love the blog content though.

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