Searching for Fun—Social Media Contests Boost Rank & Sales

by My Web Writers

Generating traffic and flow to your website is the goal in search engine optimization (SEO). One of the most popular ways to increase sales and ranking is through the use of social media. As tweets and posts circulate, readers click on links that seem relevant in content and are directed to your website. There are several strategies to keep traffic streaming to your social media sites, but the most popular is the use of contests!

Twitter Contests/Ideas

• Hold writing contests: Let contestants enter writing pieces and choose your favorite 5. Post them on varying days to your website and tweet them away to your followers. They will be thrilled to return each day to read and vote on their favorite! Give the winner a permanent spot on your website, a writing job for your company, or a small cash prize!

• Post different pictures that your company is considering for its front page. Your Twitter followers can vote for their favorites and ask their followers to vote as well. This will generate the traffic to your webpage, so be sure to have eye-catching and interesting web copy so that people stay on your page for a while.

• Re-Tweeting contests: A re-Tweeting contest gives prizes to the person that re-Tweets (or reposts) your links the most. This inevitably will generate traffic as it will reach massive amounts of people.

Facebook Contests

Firstly, it must be said that holding contests and promotions on Facebook costs companies money. If you can afford the fees, promoting on Facebook is a great option as you must purchase ad space in order to promote a page/contest. Promotions and contests that give prizes often require permission from Facebook before they can be run.

• Fan fanatics: Host a contest that will encourage fans to invite their friends to view, like, and become fans themselves of your webpage. There are new apps that track friend density on Facebook which can make tracking this contest a breeze. As more and more people “like” you page, this will show on their walls and subsequently on the walls of others in their networks. This idea is similar to having an ad on Facebook (but it’s FREE)!

• Voting on __________: Fans will return to your Facebook page to vote on their favorite picture, post, intern, etc. which will generate traffic to your page and entice friends of fans to get involved as well.

Tips for Successful Social Media Contests

• Consider using 3 rules or less for your contest—don’t make it too involved
• Be sure the prize interesting & intriguing
• Do your research & market to your target audience
• Keep the contest light-hearted and fun
• Set a goal for your contest (know where you’re going with it)

No matter how you choose to generate traffic, social media PA takes time (and sometimes money). Sound like too much thinking, time, and effort? Let My Web Writers put a professional writer on your account. We have a marketing writer that can help boost your social media optimization, thus increasing rank and business for you.



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