Why We Like TED Talks

by My Web Writers

TED Talks is an inspirational nonprofit organization. Their goal is to spread ideas and innovation to the world for free. We like TED Talks because they are awe-inspiring and keep the hopes of new, creative ideas alive.

TED supplies millions of viewers worldwide with immediate access to inspiring stories from around the world. The short videos that TED Talks provide are informative and attention-getting. The brevity of the videos displays the value of relevant content for viewers, much like in SEO content writing. The ideas that are conveyed should motivate viewers (or readers) to branch out and try something new. If you’re hoping to reach people, something different, original, and imaginative must reach out and grab those who are observing. The more people you “touch” through words, the more those words spread and become motivation for others.

Along with wonderful videos, TED has global and local conferences in which entrepreneurs can gather, network, and share inspiring stories of business growth. TED has an upcoming conference in Fort Wayne, IN, on May 14th called TEDxFort Wayne. Check out some of the videos and let us know if you’re planning to attend. You may even see a professional writer or two from My Web Writers there as well!



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One response to “Why We Like TED Talks

  1. Great article/overview Lauren!

    We are excited to see how so many passionate people are giving themselves to making TEDxFortWayne a reality!

    We further hope to plant these ideas in the FW region – symbolically handing out 100 saplings to plant, nurture and grow great ideas.

    I hope to see many of your readers there!

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