Business Directories for Small Businesses

by My Web Writers

Business directories are listings of information about particular businesses: locations, products, activity, etc. Small businesses should invest some time and energy into creating a page on one of these directories as they direct traffic to your site. Bing and Google have two of the best business directories to date. I will follow with pros and cons or each directory in the hopes of clarifying your options.

Google has had the top and most successful business directory, called Google Places, up until a few weeks ago when Bing updated their directory. Both Bing and Google Places contain basic business information such as the company name, address, and product types are listed. They also include maps of the business location, photos, details about products, and reviews.

Google exceeds Bing in data usage and services, but that’s about it. Bing has a new feature that many small businesses will love—the ability to enter social media addresses for Facebook and Twitter! With this feature, readers can follow your business, read further reviews, or “chat” with other followers about your business.

Bing also allows small business to enter specialties of your company and rank them out of 100%. This cool feature enables people to find you based on relevant search. Think of it this way—if a potential client is searching for someone to help with social media content and your business category is only set for web content, your business may be overlooked. With Bing’s new feature, not only can you enter web content writing as a category, but you can get more specific in your categories such as email campaigns, social media and marketing brochure.

One last thing that Bing provides over Google Places is their free mobile website. This attribute permits business owners to use a special code in their advertising and thus expanding their market range.

No matter which business directory you choose to use for your small business, the benefits well outweigh the time and effort to create your listing.



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