Operation Optimization Product Descriptions

by My Web Writers

Good business owners know that a vital part of the business plan for any successful company is marketing products and/or services to potential and current customers.  E-commerce businesses must acquaint these customers with the products and services that they have to offer using a creative, original approach on their website.  Unfortunately, many business owners are trying to recover losses suffered from the search engine algorithm changes made by Google in February of this year.  One of the causes for the loss in ranking that these businesses experienced is that their website contained manufacturer product descriptions instead of detailed, unique content.

One example of this issue is highlighted in Sarah Needleman’s Wall Street Journal article which documents comments by Mitchell Lieberman of One Way Furniture, Inc., “His company’s website, onewayfurniture.com, saw its Web traffic from Google drop as much as 64% after the changes. Part of the problem, Mr. Lieberman suspects, is his company has relied on manufacturer descriptions for the 30,000 products it sells. He says many of his competitors buy from the same manufacturers and use the same write-ups.”  In response, Mr. Lieberman hired web writers to generate specific, original product descriptions in an effort to optimize the website’s SEO content.  Perhaps you own a company or work for a company in a similar situation; in that case, it is time for operation optimization product descriptions.

Rewriting product descriptions is time consuming and sometimes tedious.  Most businesses are already running lean with their staffing and pulling someone from their current responsibilities to rework website descriptions may not be the best use of company resources.  Let the talented content writers at My Web Writers create interesting, detailed, and unique product descriptions for you.  In addition to writing new product descriptions, My Web Writers assists companies by providing blog and article writing, direct customer communications such as brochures and emails, and social media services.  Don’t wait to start your website’s operation optimization!



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