Marketing in Resumes

by My Web Writers

During lunch today a friend and I were speaking about resumes. The discussion led to proper ways to market yourself on paper. I immediately thought about my work as a content writer selling products.

Selling products, much like selling yourself to future employees, is a process that takes time and needs careful consideration. Whether writing your resume or content for a client, try these tips for successful marketing:

Choose exciting action verbs that describe your skills.
o Words such as “has” or “worked” don’t intrigue readers. Try words such as “developed”, “trained”, “earned”, “collaborated”, or “produced” to hook the reader and keep him or her interested in you or what you’re selling.

Use at least three details about yourself or tips about the product you’re selling.
o Explain and describe how your skills or products are valuable. If you give your reader some ideas of how to use what you’re selling (i.e. yourself or products), they’ll be more interested in it and your creativity.

Keep the word count down (limit yourself to one line per skill)
o When marketing yourself: Interviews are short and employers don’t have time to read three pages about you. Tell them what they would need to know if there was no interview. Let them use interview time to follow up with further questions.
o When marketing products: Remember that no one has time to read pages of reviews or descriptions. Give a glimpse of product ideas that cover different types of uses.

First impressions are important. Resumes say a lot about you and your abilities. It’s crucial that you take some time to think about what you want people to know about yourself professionally. Follow the above tips to help guide you through the process and remember My Web Writers is only a call or click away.



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