Appealing SEO for All Audiences

by My Web Writers

Who wants to read your content on party planning or children’s birthday parties (probably moms); and your content on GPS and tracking devices? (Maybe the stereotypical answer here is the male species.) These answers may be partially true, but what about all of those dads, nannies, assistants and others who love to plan parties and get-together; the hard-working women that are into cars, hunting, and other adventurous activities? We cannot forget about the “not so typical” audience when content writing. Those forgotten few may make up for last quarter’s sales drop.

Brainstorming a list of all possible clientele and how they’d use your product is the first step in writing for a limitless audience. To form this list, put yourself in different people’s shoes: try thinking of neighbors, your spouse, your children, teachers, your boss, etc. Keep adding to your list until you’ve exhausted your options. Keep your keywords high and your tips and suggestions on who could use your product and how they could use it plentiful. The more people you reach, the more revenue you will bring in.

Remember; with all of these things to be mindful of, you still have the daunting task of packing as many keywords into your writing as possible. Doing so without sounding redundant and still appealing to your audience is the hardest part of content writing. At times it’s best to widen your audience to include all of the potential clients you may have rather than limiting yourself.



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