Content Matters in Email Campaigns

by My Web Writers

Email marketing campaigns have burst onto the marketing scene in recent years. Companies have incorporated email campaigns into their marketing strategy for two main reasons. First, both corporations and a large percentage of the public have and regularly check their email accounts. Second, where profits are the bottom line, email campaigns allow for regular communication with an indeterminate number of followers and customers without a relative increase in cost. However, these advantages mean nothing if engaging content and quality of interaction are not addressed.


Assure that the content of your emails create that sought-after, lasting rapport between you and your readers or customers by keeping it fresh, varied, personable, and credible.

Fresh : keep it current and not filled with repetitive language.

Varied : provide a mixture of newsletters, how-to tips, product descriptions, stories, and special promotions.

Personable : address your readers with words like “you,” and “your.”

Credible : convey that you are knowledgeable, experienced, and directly involved in whatever industry about which you write.

In the end, keep the goal of moving readers and customers to be responsive to your call to action at the forefront of all correspondences.


The gateway to the email’s content is the subject line that readers see before deciding whether or not to open an email. All of your correspondences must have a compelling subject title that causes the subscriber to open the email. Use active verbs and deep vocabulary. “Deep vocabulary” means that you find and use that one word which expresses what would commonly take five words in ordinary conversation. Subscribers, scanning through their list of unopened emails, are less likely to open emails with long subject lines. Make it short and make it enticing.


Words alone do not determine how reader-friendly the email is. All email campaign correspondences should provide links pointing to relevant web pages. Link the email to your company, to a partner company, to a positive review about your product, to your online catalog, or to anything that bolsters your company, your services, or your products. Readers appreciate the ease with which they will be able to further explore the leads provided in your email.


Having perfected the art of writing quality email content, don’t forget that readers come in two different varieties : those who prefer HTML and those who prefer plain-text versions. Code your content in both versions so that you can cater to each of those preferences. Occasionally a subscriber’s request for one or the other boils down to the simple fact that the individual’s online mail client doesn’t support HTML. Don’t miss out on building a relationship with some potential readers or customers simply because you didn’t want to or didn’t feel that you had the time to create both versions.

If the demands of regularly creating engaging, varied, link-filled emails in both HTML and plain-text versions seems overwhelming, or draws you away from your other responsibilities, then consider outsourcing all or part of your email campaign. In the end, it’s the quality of your content that matters to you and to your subscribers.




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