Avoid Sensationalism and Write with Integrity

by My Web Writers

Writing with integrity insinuates that your writing captures the reader’s attention with snappy adjectives and adverbs that are descriptive, yet accurate.  Definitely make your title intriguing and eye catching, but don’t fall into the sensationalist trap of inaccurate shock value tactics to entice the reader to click the link, and fail to deliver content that matches the title.  Do you draw on facts in your writing or do you use exaggerated language to sensationalize the writing?  Let me give you two examples:

“The ominous waves from the giant Tsunami in Japan were unprecedented and swallowed hundreds, maybe thousands of unsuspecting people in one village.”

“The largest offshore earthquake in Japanese history measuring an ominous 8.9 magnitude unleashed a giant 23-foot tsunami, and officials have confirmed 110 dead in Sendai City with 350 people still missing.”

Both sentences are in regard to the same subject matter, however, the first sentence is vague, gives little factual details, and leaves the interpretation of the disaster open to over-hyping generalizations.  The second sentence maintains similar descriptive wording, yet includes facts that bolster the content and gives the reader reference points to understand the actual event.

Journalism and politics commonly fall prey to sensationalistic writing and speech practices to evoke certain feelings and sway the public toward a conclusion based upon sweeping generalizations and rare occurrences, instead of proven facts, real statistics, and widespread circumstances.

Be a writer with integrity by crafting a clever title that pertains to the content.  Grab your reader’s attention with interesting, factual, and relevant substance to your piece of work.  Then leave them with a quick summary or conclusion that thoughtfully wraps up the subject.  If you need writing assistance with integrity, turn to My Web Writers to help maximize your website’s potential.


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