White Papers and Web Writers

by My Web Writers

White papers for marketing and sales purposes appeared in the 1990’s and continue to play an important role in businesses today. Their objective? Companies use them to :

  • highlight favorable information,
  • educate potential customers about the benefits of their products or services,
  • introduce new products, and
  • develop sales leads.

persuasive structure and professional voice
The realization of these objects requires a certain style of writing. Because white papers aim at moving the reader to buy a product or subscribe to a service, the content consists of a melding of the persuasive writing structure and the professional writing voice. The persuasive writing structure comprises of an attention grabbing title or introduction, an elaborative middle which convinces the reader of the benefits and superiority of its products or services, and a concluding call to action. Professional writing voice, although dependent upon the target audience, uses direct, engaging, appropriate, and concise language while excluding outrageous statements or exaggerated claims which undermine the credibility of the company’s claims. Traditionally, a white paper that successfully blended the convincing power of the persuasive structure with the credibility of professional language, earned the loyalty and business of its readers.

white papers move online
As sales and marketing move away from print and onto the web, companies are finding that the traditional, white paper is not enough to reach their target audience. White papers need to go online. Not only do they need to get online, they need to get where readers  will see them. Online, visibility comes from appearing at the top of search engine results. Conseqently, terrific persuasive structure and professional language are not enough. Not only does the content need to satisfy what the readers want, it also needs to satisfy what search engines require. Enter the web writer.

web writers deliver
If a company’s white papers are not search engine optimized then hours spent on composing the ideal, traditional white paper is a waste of time because no one will ever see it. Web writing services not only know how to write to the reader, but they also know how to write to the search engine. They weave the search engine’s particularities into the content to produce high search engine rankings that drive traffic to your site. How do web writers do that?

  1. They research your industry and identify the keywords your customers are searching for.
  2. They stay up-to-date on the algorithms used by search engine services like Bing, Yahoo, and Google.
  3. They strategically incorporate keywords into the content according to search engine services’ keyword-to-text ratios.
  4. They place the keywords where search engines will spot them.
  5. They add to your site’s legitimacy by providing internal and external linking opportunities.
  6. They track the efficacy of the white paper and adjust the content as needed based upon reader response, search engine rankings, or changes in search engine algorithms.

White papers that have not been optimized for search engines essentially remain invisible in the virtual world of documents. A web writer’s skill brings your white paper from the depths of obscurity to the top of keyword rankings.  In the end, you will enjoy an improved web presence, get more people reading your white paper, and increase your customer base.


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