Using Duplicate Content on Your Storefront Page

by My Web Writers

When your online store has hundreds of products to offer, you might think it is ok and maybe even time efficient to copy and paste your category descriptions into your storefront content fields. But duplicate content is never good. For one reason, you could turn off the customer. She’ll think, “Wait, I just read that! And I want to learn more.” Then she’ll click back and take her search in a different direction. If that happens, you just lost your chance to make a sale.

Don’t be a copy cat!

Another reason for providing original content, as Tom Dahne explains in his article Why Duplicate Content Is Not Good For Your Websites, is “that when there are numerous copies of similar content in the popular search engine ranking, the targeted audiences find it really difficult to search for the best content among web pages offering similar information. For this basic reason, the popular search engines ensure proper filtering of the results and then accordingly reward the foremost indexed web page through a high ranking.”

So what does “original content” mean?

Original content is about describing your product to your customers with fresh words. Write descriptions that answer what potential customers want to know about it. When they have the information they need, they can make an informed buying decision. When what you write on your storefront page is more about stating hot keywords, you might be missing the point of adding value to what you offer potential buyers. Think about describing what it is you are selling and knowing who your customer is. That way, what you are writing about is relevant to the customer.

When you sell your product, your business thrives. Writing innovative or original content, which describes your product to your customer is our goal at My Web Writers.



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