Killer Conclusions; Three Ideas for Blog Endings

by My Web Writers

How do I end my writing piece? Can I just write “The End” and be done? How about “I hope you enjoyed reading this?” No?

Well then, what is the best way to end a piece?

• One easy way to end any writing piece is to refer back to your thesis statement in your introduction. A conclusion should briefly summarize the main topics or points in your writing piece. Quickly review your key points and restate your thesis so that the reader feels there is closure to what he or she is reading.

• Writing a blog for a company that’s selling products? One great way to end a blog is to remind your buyers that they should “buy” or “purchase” what you’re trying to sell. Sometimes a mission statement can be as simple as, “Buy ____________ today!”

• Consider ending your next blog with a link that refers readers to your website. Although blogs should stay true to the topic at hand, it can be a very good strategy to direct readers to you for further help, guidance, and assistance. Giving readers someone or something to connect to can make a sale happen for you and your company if they feel that they know who is speaking to them.

Of course there are plenty more ways to end a writing piece or blog. Always remember your audience and to connect to them. You can’t go wrong if you trust your gut! If your gut is telling you that you need some more help and guidance, call on My Web Writers!




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2 responses to “Killer Conclusions; Three Ideas for Blog Endings

  1. Johnny Hutchins

    well done nice ideas!

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