Five, Alluring Adjectives & Adverbs

by My Web Writers

Adjectives and Adverbs Spice it up!

If tapping your pencil won’t conjure up the ideal adverbs or adjectives for lonely verbs and nouns, peruse this list to help your mind ooze in creativity.

1. Prodigious: extraordinary in size, amount, degree, or force

Use this mighty gem as an adjective or try prodigiously anchoring it as an adverb.
• Whenever Fido peers in the mirror, he can’t help but notice his prodigious nose. Maybe you feel the same way about your ears?
• If you scan the headlines, you’ll notice that gas prices are prodigiously spiking.
• Prodigious is a big, honking word which is perfect for sounding, eh, well- prodigious.

2. Languid: lacking in spirit or interest

If you’re the lucky content writer who gets to dream up those erectile dysfunction commercials, languid is your adjective. Change up the function of languid by adding an ly to make it an adverb. Oh, fine. There are plenty of uses for languid that aren’t so sensitive.

  • Try eating languid noodles if you’re on a diet. This dish sounds rather healthy.
  • Maybe the story about an upcoming political convention leaves a general languidness around your office’s water cooler. Nonetheless, languid is still savvy!

3. Amiable: friendly
As a benign adjective, amiable reminds you of fond times. You can use the word to uplift or chide. Unfortunately, David Cassidy was just too amiable for his own good. His tender nature was no match for the prodigious cunning of Richard Hatch on The Celebrity Apprentice 4.

4. Pensive: thinking deeply (about something)
Another power adjective/ adverb possibility is pensive. Will pensive describe Sheen’s goddesses by age thirty?  Pensive is scholarly for pondering the meaning in life- sometimes with a critical eye. Add an ly to create pensively, an adverb.

5. Vivacious: lively
Our content writers create vivacious ideas and tips for products. After awhile, happy, exciting, and cheerful melt into vapid dribble. Vivacious is your secret Anne Hathaway.

Pepper your posts or articles with energizing adjectives and adverbs that draw readers into the thick of your website. Enhance the above list with synonyms or antonyms. Enjoy the English language.  Celebrate the wild side with a smattering of adjectives and adverbs.

What are your favorite adjectives and adverbs?


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