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Original Writing Is a Must!

 by My Web Writers

My CPA stared at his computer screen for a couple minutes before I asked, “Is something wrong?” Turning, he responded, “I just can’t find the NAICS classification for what you do. Which one fits?” Good question.

If you read through My Web Writers’ you’ll discover that we don’t look like everyone else. We aren’t. We’re SEO content writers.

The Need for SEO Content Writers is So 2011

By now, most businesses own websites. As of February 2011, 256 million host names exist in the world. If each of those domains boasts just 10 pages, it’s clear  today that websites are business as usual.

Search engine optimization companies have been around for years, providing technical expertise and design capabilities to start businesses on the web. Highly capable SEO sales people with staffs of knowledgeable programmers and project managers often lead SEO companies and they offer valuable services in their areas of expertise.

The secret is that after the website is designed and programmed, the content needs to be added and then refreshed on a regular basis. Writers make SEO and sales come to life. Writing is My Web Writers’ area of expertise.

Google’s Algorithm Continues to Favor Original Content

Last week Google tweaked their algorithm again to crack down on those who feel that content can be easily copied and pasted without thought to originality.

A team of professional writers could be just what your company needs to eliminate pages and pages of duplicate content that may have crept in throughout your site over the years.

I explained to my CPA that My Web Writers doesn’t design websites. We focus on writing SEO content like Midas focuses on fixing mufflers. Sometimes, especially if you already own a website or you’re the Internet director at a large corporation, a professional content service is all you need.

One of our customers is a national leader in their industry. Their multi-faceted e-commerce site hosts thousands of web pages that require content. The Director of Internet Marketing manages a staff of designers, programmers, and web merchants. He outsources paid search to an SEO company, while we write the on-site content. Our content contributes to top organic rankings. The web traffic continues to increase as the company rockets forward.

Content is king. My Web Writers is delighted to be in a category of its own.


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