Gender Stereotypes Be Gone!

by My Web Writers

The point of writing is to hook the reader and often sell a product or idea. There’s no better way to accomplish this than to provide a connection that the reader can make to the material you write.  It’s hard for readers to connect to material that’s specifically “speaking” to the opposite sex.  Avoid losing a connection with a reader by using gender-inclusive language, often referred to as gender-neutral.

Gender-neutral language eliminates the use of gender-specific terms such as fireman or policeman (geared toward males) and replaces such terms with fire fighter or police officer.  Sometimes using gender-inclusive terms can make writing tricky.  You may have to reword or rework a few sentences, but all of your hard work will pay off in the end when you get readers to connect to your writing.  If the gender of your audience is unknown, don’t settle on one gender, use he or she or even s/he which lets readers choose to read the gender that is most appropriate their mind’s eye.

Look at our society today.  Women play a much more important role than several decades ago when it was much more male dominated.  It’s important for our young ladies and women of the modern century to be included as an important gender in writing and write about them.  The question that must now be asked is if society values women, then why wouldn’t it be important to include them as an important gender in writing?

When including content in your writing, be sure to include both genders to avoid alienating one or the other.  Think about your audience and your buyers–who will most likely be buying your product?  Even if the thought is that one gender will most likely be buying a product, you may be wise to consider using gender-neutral language in the off-chance that someone of a different gender may buy or browse your product.  When all else fails, take out the sentence and figure out how to rework the same idea into your writing piece without using gender-specific language.  Remember, My Web Writers is always here to call on for all of your writing conundrums!



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