So, Content is King. What Should My Small Business Do?

by My Web Writers

In Content is King, Matt Cutts offers suggestions for writing effective SEO content. Give the following tips major consideration when writing for your websites:

• Think about how the average person would search for an object/item.

Many businesses have their own terms and technical names for products, which is all fine and dandy unless no one else knows those particular names.

Cutts references the common USB drive that some call thumb drives or flash drives. Your content should reference all of the different searches that the average user would use. In doing this, search engines give that specific page more “juice” or “power” , thus ranking it higher.

• Grab the buyer’s attention with facts, descriptions, and tutorials.

When people are searching for a website that will help them in whatever endeavor they have taken on, they want to see how to use it and learn more about it.  Cutts explains that it’s important to seize a buyer’s attention and keep them interested. In time, people will spread the word about how helpful your website was and keep coming back themselves—all of which gives your website a higher ranking.

Content Tips:

• Hold a staff meeting and let your writers tinker with the products. Let them ask some questions and possibly create a podcast or tutorial on how to use the product successfully.

• Generate new content throughout your website.
Search engines do recognize and “credit” sites for original content. It’s imperative, then, to keep content fresh, revised, and original.

• When writing content for similar stores or pages, switch up your writers. Yoking just one writer with updating or optimizing pages sets up your company for redundancy.  It can be tempting to give the same tips and tricks for similar pages on a website, but Cutts warns against this in a recent blog post about spam. Give fresh eyes to similar product pages so that new ideas and content are generated.

Do some research to see what the most popular searches for keywords are, keep the writing simple yet informative, and hike up those rankings.
Still stuck and need some help?  My Web Writers offers copy writing services for businesses.



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