Twitter’s Place in Your Business Strategy

by My Web Writers

Social networking has emerged as a hot, new tool in building a business’ brand in the commercial world. Twitter holds a unique place in the arena of social networking for several reasons. It is real-time, conversational, widespread, concise, and easily accessible in the office, on–the-go, or at home. From a business perspective, its current click-through rate of 19.04 makes it even more desirable. For these reasons, Twitter should play an important role in any marketing or image-building strategy.

However, adding Twitter requires more than just opening an account and inundating the Twitter world with tweets promoting products or advertising the brand name. Such an approach would be like saying that you want to take a trip and then just getting in the car and driving with no consideration as to the ultimate destination, the route, or the terrain. The following tips and questions will help you benefit more fully from Twitter.

  • Clearly define Twitter’s ultimate role and audience. Is it to promote sales? Is it to create a reputable image? Is it to find potential partners? Is it to target a certain audience or geographical area? What is my target profile? How will it support my other tools such as blogs or my website?
  • Lay out the pathway. Where will I start? With whom will I create links? How will I orchestrate an accumulation of individual posts to meet my overall objective? With whom will I begin the dialogue? At what point will I shift from creating relationships to introducing products or soliciting partnerships? What are the milestones that I will use to measure the success of Twitter? When will I evaluate?
  • Listen to and look for the buzz. Have I built relationships? What are others saying to me? What is being said about me? Am I welcoming in new followers? How do I fit into what the buzz is on Twitter? Am I aware of what the buzz is?

Twitter offers some serious advantages but also requires a lot of thought and constant attention. Remember the adage – if it’s worth doing then it’s worth doing right. Twitter is unquestionably worth doing. Fifty-nine percent of the Fortune 500 companies have a corporate Twitter account. Twitter usage doesn’t have to be left to only the Fortune 500 companies. The implementation of Twitter into your business’ overall strategy is just one of the many content services that My Web Writers provides. What is your Twitter business strategy?



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