Consider a Career in Web Writing

by My Web Writers

So, you want to be a writer and join the ranks of the unseen who slave away behind computers?  Ever wonder what those paycheck signers really want? Each company and editor is different, of course, but consider these writing work insights.

Making a Living in Your Writing Career

Who in your life likes to say, “When are you going to get paid what you’re worth?”

In the traditional publishing industry, one can spend hours creating queries, proposals, articles, and correspondences and then still end up with very little in the bank.  That’s par for the course.  Attending conferences puts you in contact with publishers who can change your fate, but the cost can be hours of time jumping hoops to land one lottery, royalty deal.

Maybe it’s time to consider web writing.  This slice of the writing pie might actually pay your bills or provide enough to keep junior in soccer league.  If you want your name in lights, web writing may not be for you, but if you want to contribute to your household income and help the economy, a web writing career could be your parachute.

Develop Your Writing Skills

Let me pause to clarify that you have to be a good writer, an enterprising person, and knowledgeable.  Okay, you’re either saying, “That’s me!” or your stomach rolled.  Some of the most brilliant communicators I know are doubtful of their abilities.  Don’t do that to yourself.  Writing is not brain surgery, but it does require work.  If you’re willing to do the work, your writing can improve.  Can it improve enough to be a web writer?  Maybe.

Take an honest inventory of your skill set.  If you lack an internal buzzer to tell you when to capitalize letters or to use the word “capital” verses “capitol”, then start with a grammar class at your local community college.  If you struggle to find the right word or to express ideas, even though sometimes your mind is full of ideas, take a creative writing class and see where it goes.  In general, if you’re a talker, you might be a closet writer.  If kids flock to your sides to hear your stories and adults always invite you to their parties, then you are a person with something to share.  Explore your potential and don’t shut the door just because you earned a “D” in English when you were fourteen.

Many writers attend conferences.  The first one I attended was Write to Publish in Wheaton, IL.  There I met writers like myself.  I started listening to thought leaders in the Christian publishing industry and I submitted my work for critique and publication.

Read!  I know.  I know.  You’ve heard it before- “every good writer is a reader”.  Just try to read something.  I read articles- business articles, management books, SEO blogs, and the like.

Veteran Writer Looking For Work

If you’re a novelist expanding into web writing, realize that this world is not print as you know it.  When writing for the web, learn search engine optimization techniques and consumer marketing.  Like writing in iambic pentameter, it may take a little time to get used to a few rules.  You’ll need to consider keyword densities and semantic relevance, while connecting with your client’s target demographic.

In addition,  it’s not likely that you’ll enjoy all day or all week to lavish in the writing process.  If you pick and preen your words to until they’re way over-budget, the job may not last that long.

If you’re insightful, SEO trainable, and quick to deliver clean copy, you could earn a regular paycheck writing for businesses. Once you’re established, especially as a niche writer, some companies pay extra for expertise.

If you are a professional writer, looking for writing work, My Web Writers would like to hear from you.  Contact us via our website at My Web Writers.



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