Writing Quickly: Strategies for Slow Pokes

by My Web Writers

I am mainly writing this blog for myself. I have found it very easy to get bogged down on the communication highway and perhaps you have felt this way too. Let’s shake off the slow poke and jump in your speedy shoes. Below are some strategies for writing quickly:

It is imperative to plan and prepare to write. Take care of any preventable distractions, gather your materials, and focus your attention on what you are about to write.

Don’t just stare at a blank screen or page. Type or jot down your thoughts even if your words don’t make complete sense. Use random thoughts as a jumping off point and then later, expand and perfect the content of your writing.

Interesting Subject Matter
It is much easier to write about a subject when it is of interest to you. If you have a choice, pick a topic that you are passionate about and most likely the end product will be of interest to the audience as well.

Ask Yourself Questions
What do I want to communicate? Who is my audience? Why is my topic worth writing? How do I want to organize my writing?

Researching the Topic
Use what works best for you. If you like to jot down notes, then get a notebook and start jotting. If you like to type your notes, then open up a word processing document and start typing, or another quick way to research is to copy and paste relevant content (be sure not to plagiarize), and then write your original material.

Utilize the Web
Use a good search engine. Here’s a quick tip: try using a search engine that “piles up” several search engines to produce results from multiple sites at one time. Bookmark all websites that have reputable and accurate material that cover a broad range of subjects for quick future reference.

Edit and Revise
Once your ideas are brainstormed, the pertinent questions are answered, an interesting subject is identified, the topic is researched, the important content is written, then edit and revise your writing. Thank goodness for computers, where editing and revising your writing is as easy as the backspace and delete keys.

At this point, you should have made your point. Just wrap it up and leave the reader with a final thought. The rule of less is more, is definitely applicable to the conclusion.

Creating a title can be done at any point in the writing process but it can be produced last as well. Make the headline catchy and interesting to draw in your audience.



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