Top 10 Blog Pre-Writing Questions for CEO’s

by My Web Writers

Are you a blog writer looking for help in generating questions to ask clients in order to produce the best possible results? If so, below is a questionnaire for your client to fill out to assist you in your professional writing efforts.

Are you a CEO seeking to hire a blog writer? If so, answering these 10 questions about your company will jump start the process, and aide the writer in delivering you the desired results.

1. How would you describe your business?
2. What is important for customers to know about your company?
3. What 10 words best describe your product or service?
4. Who are your ideal/best customers?
5. What customers/market would you like to start targeting?
6. What is your geographic market? (International, National, Regional, Local)
7. Who are your major competitors?
8. What distinguishes your company from the competition?
9. What style or feel do you want your blogs to have?
10. How many blogs do you want written? (Per week, per month)

Starting with better information delivers better information.



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