Hooking Clients Quickly

Have a lot of time to spend surfing the net looking for that special something you want online? I don’t—can I borrow some of your spare time? Most of the online buying population doesn’t get past the first few products or links on a page before changing how they’ve searched for a product. You can see why it’s essential, then, to hook your clients quickly.

More and more Americans are buying online, but that’s only because they don’t have time to get to the stores and shop around. What makes anyone think that these same Americans have the time to shop around online? They rely on the content and keywords on webpages to be accurate and brief so they can find what they’re looking for and move on with their day.

When setting up your webpages with links and products, try following these simple tips to maximize results:

• When deciding what to put on your webpage, do a bit of research to find out what your best sellers are. Skip the alphabetizing when marketing your products and put your top sellers at the top of the page.
• Lose all those images that are cluttering the screen. Pictures can be great when used correctly, but you don’t need a truckload on the page confusing your buyer. Showing your customers what they want to see is the most important. Don’t make them wade through all of those pics in hopes of seeing something that might interest them.
• Catch the buyer’s attention with bold captions and large font. Draw their eyes to what you want to sell them.
• Most importantly, don’t confuse your buyer’s with so much jargon and lingo that they can’t decipher and find their way through your copy. Easily scannable and engaging content never fails when reaching your audience.

You’re now equipped with some simple and easy tools to give your buyers what they want while maximizing sales. Don’t fret if you’re one of those people that just doesn’t have the time to update your web copy. That’s what we’re here for at My Web Writers.


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