Systematic Investigation – Research Tips for Writers

by My Web Writers

Good researching is really systematic investigation, so put on your investigator hat and get searching. There are great resources right at your fingertips on every subject you can imagine, and many subjects that you have never even contemplated yet. Below are a list of 5 sources for research and tips for writers of any topic:

Utilize the Internet
• Use search engines to type in your keyword(s).
• Most search engines have an advanced search option that can be useful in pinpointing your subject matter.
• Use websites that are reputable, non-profit, or government websites in order to get the most accurate and unbiased information.
• Bookmark sites that you foresee revisiting in the future.
• Watch educational web videos.
• Skim on-line articles, encyclopedias, and bibliographies.

Magazine Articles, Periodicals, Journals and Books
• Paper documentation is not current technology, but don’t rule it out for researching your topic.
• They may be on your book shelf, the book store shelf, or the library shelf, dust them off and skim potentially relevant pages.

• TV, DVD’s, and CD’s are all reference materials that can contain pertinent content.

• People are great resources; conduct an interview with a credible source. Don’t forget to quote them, and give them credit in your piece.

Go Shopping
• If you are researching something tangible, take your research on the road. It is very useful to have the opportunity to hold a product in your hand that you are researching. A picture can be deceiving, or it may not do the product justice, so go see it for yourself if possible.



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